The A-Plus Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program provides kids with a new way to learn Math easily. Geared towards fully developing your child's proficiency and confidence in Mathematics, the program harnesses your child's potential for mental arithmetic through the mastery of the abacus system.


Young children normally find it difficult to understand the number system and solve mathematical problems. Without effective visualization, even simple number concepts can be too challenging, letting them lose focus when solving math problems.

The Abacus Mental Arithmetic Method harnesses the benefits of mental arithmetic combined with the powerful visualization that can only be developed through mastery of the abacus. An abacus, a tool used for calculations of the four basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), is a proven method to foster full brain development as it makes learning easy and fun for children who tend to consider it as toy or playing tool, while solving math problems at the same time.

In the program, the students will be trained to master the movement of the abacus’ beads and eventually learn to understand abstractions by visualizing the beads in their minds. The activities done during the program will train the students to calculate math problems mentally without the use of the abacus instrument. This way, students will learn to acquire the basic requisites of good mathematical skills, which are the ability to focus and the discipline to contextualize, analyze and unravel mathematical problems.



Studies have shown that children who have used an abacus in the past could perform mental calculations more easily and comfortably when they grow up. The Abacus Mental Arithmetic Method will:

  • Develop your child's full potential and ability for mental calculation.
  • Promote a balance between the right (creative) and left (logic) sides of the brain.
  • Reinforce the development of a robust brain.
  • Strengthen the mind of the child by teaching him how to solve complex numbers and calculations.
  • Enhance concentration.
  • Sharpen your child's memory.
  • Improve proficiency and confidence in Math.
  • Leads to increased mental capacity.
  • Develop self-discipline and good study habits.

Upon completion of the course, your child would have the ability to solve complex math problems without the help of external tools like pens, calculators --- overall mental development which helps in making him / her hard working, clever, smart and improving their overall academic performance.

Upon completion of the course, your child would have the ability to solve complex math problems without the help of external tools like writing utensils or calculators. The overall mental development gained through the program will help make your child hardworking, disciplined, clever and smart as well as improve his or her overall academic performance.

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