Pre-School Program

The A-Plus Preschool Program provides your child with the ideal learning environment for holistic child development. Anchored on an expertly designed curriculum that is based on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory, your child is guaranteed to experience optimal learning process that will provide the necessary foundation for growing up into a successful, responsible member of the community, with a lifelong love for learning.

The MI Theory is applied in the classrooms through the Center-based Learning (CBL) approach. CBL builds a comprehensive learning environment that will allow students to enhance their parallel thinking capabilities by relating each concept to one another. Prepared activities in the learning centers are designed to meet individual students’ needs, allowing them to discover concepts and ideas thereby, constructing their own knowledge.

We have specially designed programs that are geared to address the specific needs of kids aged 2 to 5 years. Based on the understanding of the very special needs of young children in this stage of their development, the programs provide them with meaningful learning experiences in a caring and nurturing environment.

Mandarin lessons are included in the Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten Levels and Abacus Mental Arithmetic lessons are taught to the Nursery and Kindergarten students.

Toddler Program (Two (2) Years Old by October 31, 2022)

The A-Plus Program for Toddlers recognizes that children undergo rapid development during their first two years. Toddlers are naturally endowed with boundless curiosity and energy that need to be satisfied through discovery and exploration.

Our multi-sensory approach to learning seeks to empower your children with age-appropriate experiences and interactions that will enable them to construct knowledge through investigation, story and play. This approach will improve their coordination or motor skills, verbal or language skills and other basic foundation skills that will help them successfully transition to higher levels of challenges, such as problem-solving.

Nursery Program (Three (3) Years Old by October 31, 2022)

The A-Plus Nursery Program provides kids aged 3.1 – 4.0 years old with a wonderful introduction to the Kindergarten Program. Recognizing that kids of this age eagerly soak up knowledge, the program has been designed with age-appropriate exercises and activities for holistic development to build your child's social, verbal and cognitive skills.

More advanced learning concepts, such as letters, numbers, computers and Mandarin are included in the curriculum to adequately prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond. The Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program is also introduced in this level to complement the regular Math curriculum.

Pre-Kinder Program (Four (4) Years Old by October 31, 2022)

The A-Plus Program for Pre-Kinder Students recognizes the growing independence and natural curiosity of kids under this age group. The program is designed to motivate learning and build their confidence in preparation for preschool.

Kids at this age are actively discovering the world around them. Our multi-sensory approach combines play and age-appropriate activities that are aimed at expanding their vocabulary, building their confidence and encouraging exploration or self-discovery. To develop their cognitive and motor skills, kids get to enjoy a wide range of activities such as music, arts and crafts, computer activities, story-telling and the fundamentals of early education. An approach such as this will help introduce kids to letters, numbers and other preschool concepts. The Mandarin language is also introduced at this level.

Kindergarten (Five (5) Years Old by
October 31, 2022)

The A-Plus Kindergarten Program prepares kids aged 4.1 – 6.0 years old for a more formal classroom education. The curriculum is designed to provide age-appropriate activities that are aimed at building their skills and confidence in the three R's (reading, writing and arithmetic), science and the arts. Children also acquire more advanced skills in speaking Mandarin and are also taught more skills and techniques on Abacus Mental Arithmetic.

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