A-Plus International School started out as the A-Plus Chinese Learning Center, established in 2003 primarily to introduce the Mandarin language to youngsters and adults. It opened its doors not only to the Chinese community living south of Manila, but also to other nationalities who believed in the importance of learning the language.

After a year, the preschool was launched with a dual-language (English and Mandarin) approach to teaching basic preschool skills. The infusion of the Chinese curriculum into the Multiple Intelligences curriculum has since given A-Plus students a big boost in preparing young learners for entry into the big schools.

The Mandarin School Integration Program was also launched in the same year, making Mandarin language learning accessible to non-Chinese schools.

In 2006, the school's name was changed to A-Plus Chinese Learning Center and Preschool to fully reflect its roles as a learning institution for the Mandarin language and a preschool.

In 2010, A-Plus integrated the Abacus Mental Arithmetic program into its Kindergarten curriculum as a complement to the existing Math curriculum. Since then, Abacus has also been offered as an after-school program at A-Plus and in partner schools.

In 2011, the school's name was changed to A-Plus International School.

Today, it continues to offer a diversity of programs for young and adult learners under BPO Asia Institute (BAI), the educational and learning solutions brand of ADEC Group. BAI is an eLearning service organization that provides customized or out-of-the-box-turnkey creative solutions for schools, governments and even individual learners of any age and level.




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