The A-Plus Preschool Program provides your child with the ideal learning environment for whole child development. Anchored on Howard Gardners’ Multiple Intelligences Theory, our expertly designed curriculum guarantees that your child will received optimal learning that will provide the necessary foundation for growing up into a successful, responsible member of the community, with a lifelong love for learning.

When we saw the presentation about Abacus the first time, we decided right then and there that we want our daughter to gain the skills and comprehension about numbers that are involved in learning Abacus. 

When she started Abacus, her confidence level went up since she can solve and answer easily. She learned a lot on the first day! We knew from the beginning that Abacus will be greatly advantageous and complements her studies perfectly. We consider this one of the best decisions we ever made for our daughter. 

A-Plus enabled my wife and me to understand the strengths and inclinations of our daughter Gabby. At first, we enrolled her in piano lessons after school since we thought that she would enjoy it, but after some time she just lost interest. 

We later learned through A-Plus' Multiple Intelligence teaching method that she was "Mind-On Smart" and "Picture Smart" and not "Rhythm and Tone Smart." This meant that she liked numbers and arts more than music which somehow explained her lack of focus on her piano lessons. We believe that A-Plus was instrumental in developing the innate abilities of our daughter. 

Gabby is now enrolled in a big school and her favorite subjects are Arts and Math. 

As parents, we can't say just how proud we are of our daughter, Gianna. She's only 3 years old, yet she already knows several Chinese words. There was this time when she used Chinese to greet her aunts and uncles at a family reunion. She said "Ni hao" and "Zao An" (hello and good morning) then bowed respectfully to everyone. And before we left, she said "Tzai-Jien" to bid everybody goodbye. 

We are truly pleased at how A-Plus is helping us mold Gianna into a smart and values-oriented little girl. 

My son Neo joined his school's Math competition in September 2011 and he won 1st place in his category. I believe that his exposure to your Abacus class is a factor that contributed in his being able to excel in the competition.

My son Riley needed to transfer from a school I felt was falling a bit short academically. I had no apprehensions about transferring Riley to A-Plus as I was confident that they could help me with my dilemma. True enough, I saw a lot of improvement in my son's skills and knowledge. I also commend the teachers and staff who are very approachable, comfortable to be with, but still remain respectable. A-Plus truly marked the beginning of my son's betterment. Thank you, A-Plus! 


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